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What do I Need Check in my Property After a Storm?

Storm Damage Property Checks

In recent years, storm activity in the Northwest seems to have increased. The storms and floods are causing devastating damage to homes and businesses across the Northwest and the rest of the UK.

Visible signs of damage include debris across your garden, including roof tiles and guttering. But some damage may not be immediately visible. That is why a post-storm check is invaluable, allowing you to asses and remedy minor damage before it becomes a  bigger issue. Here are a few of the most common things to look for.

Roof Damage Including Missing and Loose Roof Tiles

The very nature of the height of a roof means it takes the brunt of high winds, rain, hail and storms. If you find any missing tiles,you should take photos and make notes of any damage and what work needs to be done to inform your insurer.

You are responsible for reducing any further damage after a storm, or your insurer could consider you liable. When you call Chris Mcleod to repair any storm damage, we will carry out a full roof survey to assess what further measures need to be taken to storm proof your roof. Even if it is only one or two missing roof tiles or a small job, it is worth getting it repaired quickly. Any water ingress into your home can cause problems, from leaving adjoining tiles open to the elements to rotting roof timbers.

Broken glass Around Your Property

Flying debris can cause broken windows or panes of glass in sheds and greenhouses in the garden. You should minimise the impact of a broken window as soon as possible by getting it repaired or replaced by a glazier after speaking to your insurer.

Damaged or Missing Garden Items

A storm can cause chaos in your garden. It is a good idea to check items are where you left them. Such as garden furniture and patio heaters, wheelie bins or ladders. Check your outbuildings, sheds and garages for signs of damage. Make sure that the roofs are intact and windows are not smashed or cracked. Also check that guttering is secure as any leaks can damage the contents inside your outbuildings. Stormy weather can also tear down branches and uproot trees – if they’ve damaged your property, take photos for your insurer.

Damaged Gates and Fences

Gates, fences and hedges can be damaged during storms. They might not be covered by your insurance, so you can find a suitable company to repair or replace them without calling your insurer first or do the job yourself.

Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing services cover all types of roof repairs

We are certified professionals that come highly recommended, guaranteeing you quality service to suit your budget. As certified professionals, we have undergone rigorous training in order to repair and replace roofs and ensure high quality, reliable, and safe working practices.

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