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Storm Brendan UK- Bad News for Roofs

On the 14.1.2020 Storm Brendan hit the UK. Bringing rain and gusts of more than 80mph to parts of the country. The Met Office issued a 14-hour yellow warning for wind, covering Northern Ireland, the west coasts of England, Wales and Scotland, south-west England and north-east Scotland.

On Monday morning rush hour, trains running through Preston station were suspended after the roof was damaged due to high winds.

Is your roof covered against storm damage?

Home insurance claims for damage to property often surge when storms hit. We look at when insurers pay out and when they won’t.

Storm Damage Insurance Policy

Most homeowners have a buildings insurance policy in place to protect against storm and flood damage. However, problems can arise when an insurer says that an event of damage is not covered under a customer’s policy. Insurance is useful for tackling storm damage, but we also need to maintain our roofs on a regular basis.

Wear and Tear Exclusions for Roof Damage

In some cases, insurers can refuse to pay out for a weather-related claim if it feels that the homeowner has not maintained their home to a sufficient standard.

  • Where the insurer thought that roof tiles had already been damaged by general wear and tear.
  • where insurers decide that gutters had not been kept clear of leaves and other debris and had contributed to water damage to the property


Slate and Tiled Roof Maintenance-Lancashire Slate Roofing

We recommend that you have a regular roof survey undertaken by Lancashire Slate Roofing. We will survey your roof, carry out any maintenance, cleaning, clear gutters etc and give your roof a general overhaul. You can then rest assured that your roof is being maintained to a “sufficient standard” should the worst happen during storm season.

Contact Lancashire Slate Roofing for

Slate & Tiled Roof Repairs & Maintenance-

However minor your roof repair seems, it needs to be attended to straight away. When repairing a roof, we always work to the British Standard and ensure that we only install premium, reliable products.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can tackle any job, large or small. All quotes, advice and checks are completely free, so we invite you to take advantage of your FREE QUOTE or just our free expert advice, call us today on 07917 673 381.




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