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Slate and Tile Roofing Installation Repair and Maintenance

Based in the Northwest, Lancashire Slate Roofing has an unrivalled reputation for quality workmanship and customer service in both domestic and the commercial roofing sector. We are a friendly, family-run business with over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry across the Northwest.

New slate or tiled roof installation

We offer a wide variety of slate and tile roofing options, installed by our dedicated team of tradesmen. Whatever your type or age of roof, whatever your style and whatever your budget, we can source the most appropriate slate, tiles and fittings to meet your unique requirements. We have over 20 years’ experience in fitting slate and tile roofs and follow all recommendations offered by today’s leading manufacturers.

We can advise you on the most suitable choice of finish for your property during our initial inspection. Traditional slate or tile roofing is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications whether you’d like a re- roof on all or part of your home or are interested in having it installed at your commercial premises, get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss your options.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can tackle any job, large or small. All quotes, advice and checks are completely free, so we invite you to take advantage of your FREE QUOTE or just our free expert advice, call us today 0n 07917 673 381.

What’s involved?

 • Scaffolding erected in line with health and safety

• Existing roofing material removed (tile/slate etc), which can be sorted and kept for reuse if appropriate

• Old battens removed and discarded

• New breathable felt is then laid over the roof joists

• New tanalised battens fixed into place

• The slates are then reinstated

• All the leadwork is replaced.

• Finally, the ridge & hip tiles are re-secured as original.

• Your property will remain watertight throughout and there is as little disruption as possible

Tile or Slate? What’s the Difference?

Slate is a durable material that has been used to cover roofs for over 700 years. It is available in three varieties, natural, artificial and zinc. Slate offers a traditional and aesthetic roofing solution, suitable for all types of properties. Roof tiles have been created with similar properties that make them hardwearing and long-lasting. These are produced from either concrete or clay, and are more suited to modern properties, as they are available in an array of styles and colours.

 Slate and Tile roofing is extremely fire-resistant and it has environmental benefits. Natural slate creates the lowest environmental impact and carbon footprint of all roofing materials. Both are popular options and there are plenty of reasons why:

  • Durability-slate roofs can last up to 150 years, and a tile roof can do so for 50 to 70
  • Value-durability means that despite requiring a slightly larger initial investment, a slate or tile roof will prove greater value in the long term.
  • Appearance-Slate is mainly grey in colour and available in a variety of shades, textures and patterns, while tile comes in a wide range of designs and colours.

Roofing Services for Commercial Clients

Lancashire Slate Roofing offers a high-quality, efficient and competitively priced roofing service. From the initial survey and consultation, right through to completion. We understand it is important that your building remains operational during repairs and we endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. We offer a commercial roof replacement service and we also offer a refurbishment service that can be an effective approach to improving the aesthetics and solving issues such as leaks or weather damage.

Why should I replace my roof?

Age of roof: We can conduct a roof survey and advise you of the condition and recommend a course of action.

Roof Valleys: If your slate or tiles are falling apart or missing near the roof valleys, this is a clear sign that your roof is vulnerable.

Missing Tiles: If you notice that after a heavy rainfall or storm your roof is missing tiles, your roof needs repair.

Daylight through roof boards: If you notice any moisture in the insulation or daylight coming through the roof board, this is always a bad sign.

Interior Water Damage: If you notice stains on your interior ceilings or walls, this is a direct indication that your roofing system is damaged.

Lancashire Slate Roofing cover all areas of Lancashire, the Fylde Coast, South Lakeland and the surrounding areas and are proud to have built a strong reputation based on a quality approach, bringing you the best possible product using a trustworthy and reliable team of roofers. Whether you require roof repairs, new roof installation, or simply need a few tiles replacing, Lancashire Slate Roofing can offer you a solution.


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